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Men Bashed Senseless by Women

If  you are going to make up a story, I say, make it really grand. Embellish it, stretch the truth, dang, throw the truth out the fucking window! The grubbiest lie of the men’s rights movement here in Australia is that women bash at least as hard, if not even harder than men (see link, below). Rubbish. I was having lunch with a colleague of mine the other day, a woman who works directly with women who have been beaten within a shard of their lives by full-fisted, angry male partners. That is, men who have absolutely no respect for the well-being and safety of people who they would perversely claim to ‘love’. My colleague was telling me that even as these women remain severely injured, they can be served with apprehended violence orders (AVOs) courtesy of their vexatious, estranged male partners. Hence, even in such unequivocal situations of unilateral abuse, the statistics will falsely report that men are ‘victims’ and thereafter, those fuckwits from ‘One in Three’ (et al.) will chase down and attack anyone who dares to challenge that ‘truth’…

Hidden Epidemic of Women Beating Up Men 2010

  1. May 27, 2010 at 3:16 am | #1

    I sincerely appreciate this post. Men’s rights activists frequently attempt to twist the truth to make female domestic violence against men seem like a larger issue than it is. In fact, as your post points out, many MRAs make it seem like female domestic violence towards men is the only domestic violence that actually occurs, or, at least, the only domestic violence that is valid. MRAs are simply liars and jerks.

    • May 27, 2010 at 1:54 pm | #2

      I find any attempts to shut down honest, open discussion about the truth of male violence concerning and counterproductive, since men are not only violent toward women but also, to each other and themselves.

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